Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wednesday 9th february

well woke up just as early this morning but still refused to move from my bed before 6.00am, which any sane person would realise that is way to early anyway but a whole heap better than anything with a 5 on the front. the weather was clear and sunny, which did not bode well for travelling really as it was bound to get too hot. walked around the hippos yawn loop for my morning walk which was a nice walk apart from the flies.
we decided to visit the humps and mulka's cave before we set out for perth. the cave was very interesting. it was cool and pleasant and i felt it was welcoming, i felt quite at home sitting in there looking at the aboriginal artwork on the ceiling:

we then walked around one of the walks adjacent to the cave, which again was very interesting but i am finding it hard to deal with the flies.
on the road again, the weather was warming up but was still bearable, we stopped to have some lunch at corrigin at this place:
then off we went again, anxious to got to our caravan park and set up before bek finished work. after a basic setup we went to see bek and ended up staying for dinner. back in the caravan now, it's still quite warm, i just might have trouble sleeping. tomorrow we will set up properly and do some washing and stuff like that before heading to bek's for a bbq for dinner.

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  1. Hi Therese and Blaze,
    Nice update, we went to Hyden a few months ago but we stayed at the motel.