Monday, February 28, 2011

monday 28th february

soooooo hot today! did not sleep well, just had a look and the temperature did not dip below 25 all night, does not make for good sleep at all. so it was already hot when i got out of bed, there was however a bit of a breeze which popped up every now and then while i was on my walk. we played tourists again today and went to penguin island. here is robbie waiting in the queue for the ferry proudly wearing his decrepit hat:
the ferry took all of 5 minutes to get to penguin island which gave us time to sit in the shade for a while with the birds to keep us company:
this was an interesting looking tree where we were sitting. we then watched the penguin feeding, they have 10 penguins in situ for their shows, all very spoiled and very cute:

this is piggy who is the oldest of the bunch at 17, he is also reputedly the greediest of them all and has been known to eat more than his weight of little fish in one sitting, impressive:
at 1.15 we were off on the sea lion tour in the glass bottomed boat "queenbyan":

the glass bottom is down in that well but there wasn't much to see down there, there was plenty to see however on top of the water. the dolphins came out to play:
there was a group of about 12 including a calf of about 2 months, they are very hard to catch on camera, robbie probably did better. there was interesting coastline:
and this island was called "shag island" so named for the birds of course:
the sealions were lazing on the beach:

they were much bigger than i expected really. it was lovely out on the water with a nice breeze to keep things comfortable but all too soon it was time to return. we decided it was too hot to walk around the island so we hopped back on the ferry and headed back home.
when we got back to the caravan it was 41 degrees inside, not at all nice after the lovely sea breeze we had been lapping up.
after a visit to bcf to spend a gift voucher which robbie recieved for his birthday and a quick stop in at the supermarket  it was over to bek and jason's for a visit. i just lurve their air conditioner!!
while we were there bek was preparing dinner and i caught a snap of her wearing her onion slicing goggles:

apparently they work a treat, no crying from chopping onions for bek. we arranged to meet bek at her school tomorrow for a look around after the children go home. then back to the caravan for a quick easy meal of toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. a full day, hot but pleasant.

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