Thursday, February 17, 2011

thursday 17th february

not much doing today, chores and shopping really. heaps of washing got washed, folded, ironed and put away. robbie was not particularly impressed with the visit to the shopping centre but was happy to get a haircut and was even happier to leave the shopping centre and move onto camping shops and caravan shops. we are currently looking for a new table top as i think this one is a tad too long and it is also very heavy so changing it for a lighter model would be good if we could find one. we went over to bek and jason's this afternoon and ended up staying for dinner (very yummy spag bog, thanks bek) and helped bek pack some boxes for the big move. saturday is supposed to be moving day but i reckon there won't be much left to move by then as jason has the week off and has steadily been moving stuff. not sure what's on the agenda tomorrow. let's just see what it brings.

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