Wednesday, February 16, 2011

wednesday 16th february

today we moved caravan parks, because bek and jason move house this week/weekend we decided to move closer to their new house. the new park seems nice and the showers are great but damn i miss that pool already it was very hot setting up and dip would have been much appreciated. we were amused to see this little fellow drinking from the tap while we were setting up:
they tell me that here in wa these birds are commonly known as 28's and there are a lot of them about. we saw one while we were in the pool yesterday, the guy who kept him brought him to the pool for a swim, and yes he had a swim, wished i had my camera with me at the time. after he had his swim he sat on the guy's head while he had his swim, it was great.
so after we were basically set up we went looking for some shops, found bunnings for some necessary items, ran into timmsy and followed him to their new house to mark it in the gps. while we were there i hogged the aircon while i had the chance then we had to come back here to finish setting up. we have the annex up for the first time on this trip, it went up quite well without too many dramas except for the cement slab we are parked on, creativity was needed for anchoring the walls for instance we have the fridge sitting on one corner. it looks great though and i am happy to have it up as it gives us more room.
doesn't that look cosy?

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  1. Hi Blaze and Therese,
    When we first moved to Mandurah from Vic, we were amazed by the size of the 28's and how many there were. I was told they call them 28 because that's how many different calls/whistles they can make? don't know if it is true or not!Enjoy your new spot, an annexe does make a huge difference when set up for a while :)