Monday, February 7, 2011

monday 7th february

despite extreme denial this morning, tenatious clinging to the bedclothes and stubborn eyelid scrunching i was still up at 5.45am and actually awake at 5.00am, so not impressed being up at that hour of the morning really sucks.  maybe tomorrow i will manage to stay asleep til 6, now that's a goal for you. got moving early to get some shopping done, checked out a camping shop and bunnings looking for some storage solutions which we later found some answers to at a caravan shop. grocery shopping done we decided on take away for lunch, this is were we sat to eat:

we had a nice drive along the great ocean drive and stopped at a lookout along the way to check out the view, worth a look:

later on we decided to have a look at the cape le grand national park. i would like to point out here that i was right and robbie was wrong about which direction we needed to go and also which road it was which necessitated me doing the "i was right dance" for quite some distance along the road. so by the time i had finished my dance we were almost at the le grand beach where we went for a bit of a drive along the beach:

 and then a walk down to the water's edge. then we went to check out frenchman's peak where we went for a bit of a walk and considered climbing it but decided we had left it too late in the day as it's a 2 hour walk:
then we thought we would check out lucky bay but got sidetracked by hellfire bay where we tried a bit of rock climbing, well we climbed around on this (at the left of the photo) anyway:
patties and veg for dinner, very nice indeed. spent some time watching our little mates we have shared the caravan park with and who are remarkably calm and quiet:
gotta get to bed soon no doubt i will be awake at some ungodly hour again tomorrow. we will be heading off to hyden in the morning, hoping for more overcast weather for travelling.

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  1. I'm SO not a morning person!! But the scenery looks magnificent - I hope it makes up for the early start a little bit ...

    Happy travels, and thanx for dropping by!! Come back again anytime!!