Monday, February 14, 2011

monday 14th february

today i did chores and not much else, washing, ironing that sort of stuff. at least i didn't have to chase my clothes basket across the park and fish it out from under a cabin today like i did the last time i did the washing. the basket is a very light weight collapsable one and the wind took it. i'm sure it looked funny to anyone who happened to see it. robbie went to pick timmsy up from work and then timmsy helped him work on his bus, hopefully helping the overheating problem we were having when towing. we went over to see bek when she got home from work and came back here for dinner of pork chops and veg. i have just had a cool shower, it's still around 29 degrees which is just a bit hot for me, sitting here having a bit of a drip, hate that. it's supposed to be a bit hotter tomorrow, at least we aren't travelling i suppose. well that's enough of a whinge, i think we are going to be tourists tomorrow for a bit.

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