Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tuesday 22nd february

robbie's birthday. the day started at an easy pace we did a bit of washing and we wandered over to the office to extend our stay at this caravan park by a week. we decided to go for a drive and check out the water front in rockingham/kwinana. we stopped for lunch at a nice little spot on the water  front which was nicely set up with shaded areas to sit in and we found fish and chips which was quite yummy.
then off on our drive, we headed to point peron for a look around and i must say it was very nice if hot in the sun.

we wandered down to the water and were standing in the water at the edge when i got a wave almost to the waist while i wasn't watching. phone was in my pocket but it survived. i must say it had a cooling effect wearing wet shorts.
on the way back to the shopping centre for a spot of grocery shopping we spotted a super cheap auto and popped in for some wheel trims to replace the ones we lost off the caravan on the way over. did some grocery shopping and back to the caravan for dinner of steak and veg and an illicit cake which we called birthday cake, i indulged in a very yummy chocolate eclair while robbie had a very nice looking vanilla slice, yep we are naughty but yummo.
cooking a roast tomorrow for the kids, it will be the first time we have used the turbo cooker since we tested it out at home.

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