Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wednesday 2nd february

after a pleasant morning (temperature wise) packing up we hit the road again. the temp stayed reasonable until after lunch time, and the aircon behaved much better today, (it actually felt like aircon) although having it on while towing tends to overheat the engine so can't do that really at least we can have short bursts to revitalise us. we stopped in at a little town called red hill to have some lunch and sat with this guy
but he wouldn't stop work and come eat with us.
the afternoon was much hotter and after a quick stop in port augusta for fuel we headed off to iron knob. now we did not know what to expect to find at iron knob and what we did find was a pub with the friendliest and most helpful poeple around. we are actually parked at the pub for the night, have enjoyed a wonderful cool shower, a yummo dinner, good conversation and good company for the afternoon/evening. so if you are ever in iron knob we can recommend the pub pictured below for any of the above.
call in and see alan and angela, you couldn't find more helpful and friendly folk.
after our lovely meal we popped back over to the caravan for 5 minutes and discovered a flat tyre so the 5 minutes extended a bit while the tyre was changed and pumped up.

this was the side that was bogged the other day so we reckon there is a bit of mud in the bead, will get it checked out when we get to kimba probably, so that will likely be our first stop tomorrow. so now to bed it has been a long day.

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  1. Hi Therese,
    Nice update. We called into Iron knob on a public holiday - nothing open! So glad you had a good experience.