Saturday, February 19, 2011

friday 18th february

had a lovely day today, robbie picked jason up from their new house after he rode his bike over then they swung by here to pick me up and we ran jason home. did some more shopping at the caravan place, grabbed some lunch and headed towards rockingham shopping centre. on the way we decided to have a look at the beach so we went down to kwinana beach and went for a walk and paddle:

robbie found some people doing some fishing to talk to:

then he couldn't resist, he had to have a swim, yes folks in his shorts with no towel or anything like that:

by the time we walked back to the car he was getting close to dried out. we then went grocery shopping for a barbeque tomorrow night, we figure we will head here after the big move cos everything will still be everywhere at bek and jasons.

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