Monday, February 21, 2011

monday 21st february

went for a long walk today, across the road there is a bit of a national park area with lots of walking tracks through it as well as a track right around the outside, so i decided to walk around the outside, it was a bit longer than i expected, about an hour's walking as opposed to the half hour i usually do. i probably won't walk right around again. chores were on the agenda including washing which got dry very quickly, yep it was hot again today.
we went round to bek and jason's old house in the afternoon to wait for the carpet cleaners, i was just about to unlock the door when i remembered the security system. i thought i knew the number to disarm it but i wasn't totally sure. what to do, chance it and put up with the noise if i'm wrong, or wait for either bek or jason to ring back because of course neither of them was contactable. i decided to wait, ringing both bek and jason at regular intervals until the cleaner dude shows up (half hour late anyway), of course he shows up before i can get hold of anyone so the decision was made for me. i held my breath and punched in the numbers that were in my head and what do you know, i was right. my reward was to get the ironing done in airconditioned comfort while the carpets were being cleaned (a very noisy job i might add). of course both bek and jason rang shortly after we went in.
went round to visit with bek and jason and return their keys and stuff for a little while then back to the caravan park for a dinner of bacon and eggs. bit weary now, will not be long out of bed i think.

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