Thursday, February 3, 2011

thursday 3rd february

the day started well, much cooler and overcast so much nicer for travelling. headed to kimba to get the tyre checked out, turned out we stuffed the rim when we winched it out of the bog, all fixed now. stopped for lunch at winnipa which is apparently famous for the concrete crappa and here it is

then back on the road, by this time it was getting pretty hot again. arrived in ceduna about 3.30 and booked in the caravan park for tonight. have had a lovely cool shower, done some washing and some necessary shopping including heaps of fuel ready for the nullabor. have worked out our water has developed a gross taste we think after getting really hot the other day, have decided to fill bottles here for drinking (i will get some more tomorrow before we go too), and just use the tanks for everything else. we will empty the tanks and flush them when we get to perth. now best get the washing up done and clothes put away etc.

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  1. Hi Blaze and Therese,

    Enjoy the Nullabor, don't forget to stop in to "The Bight" to see the whales - great experience.