Saturday, February 5, 2011

sunday 6th february

OMG i was up at 5am, totally not cool, well temperature wise it was but otherwise not at all. consequently we were on the road by 7.30am much to robbie's delight, that is not likely to happen again cos 5am is a totally ridiculous time of day. on the up side for me it was nice for an early walk. i swear i am going to get run over by a plane one day, the last 2 mornings i have been for a walk i have run into an airstrip.
nice travelling today, overcast and cool and no wind. we arrived in norseman around 10ish and stopped for fuel and a new i crossed the nullarbor sticker, as we don't have one on this bus. we stopped for a coffee just around the corner and saw this:
and thought how much my sister mary would love it but alas robbie refused to take it home for her!!
continued on and reached esperance by lunch time, found a caravan park, and set up.
headed into town to get some groceries but it's sunday dammit, nothing much open on sunday, guess it will be baked beans for dinner and shopping tomorrow. the plan is to stay here 2 nights, so we will have a look around tomorrow and do some touristy stuff. for the rest of today i guess i'll do the washing.

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  1. Hi Therese,

    thanks for the update - 5am is a bit early :)
    Not much at Norseman is there? Esperance is a pretty little town, beautiful beaches.
    Enjoy your stay,