Thursday, February 24, 2011

thursday 24th february

this morning we went looking for a telstra shop to talk about robbie's plan/phone, didn't find one then, apparently didn't wander through enough of the shopping centre. got a few essentials at woolies and checked out the red dot store then back to the caravan.
hot and sticky is not my friend!!! so uncomfortable out of the aircon today, i have no idea what temp it is but the stickyness is nasty.
went to visit some grey nomads who invited us around this afternoon, nice people, might catch up with them in albany as they are heading down that way soon. they told us where to find the telstra shop so back to the shopping centre we went and talk about a queue. after waiting waiting waiting we finally reached the head of the line and ended up changing robbie's plan but not his phone. we then went to visit bek and jason for a while before heading back here for a scratch dinner.
still sticky.

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