Thursday, February 10, 2011

thursday 10th february

a bitza day, bits of this and bits of that and nothing much of anything. did some washing and realised i still hadn't bought some more pegs, most annoying when you don't have enough to put all your washing on the line. visited a number of caravan shops before we found the few bits we needed. went to the supermarket for a few items (including pegs), and the chemist where i got some new sunglasses (mine broke last night). was still awake very early even though i was up late, i have abandoned all hope of ever sleeping til 6 again. went to bek's for a barbeque for dinner, it's nice to have time to just sit and talk to her again. not sure what's on the agenda tomorrow, probably more of the same, except i think we will get to see bek and timmsy's new house. got to take my weary body to bed, night all.

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