Friday, February 4, 2011

friday 4th february

lovely and overcast for travelling this morning, very good for my health and temper not to be hot all the time. we stopped in at the head of the bight for lunch complete with christmas pudding thanks to my wonderful sister mary for cooking those for us
 and, even though it's the wrong season to see the whales, went for a wander down to the viewing platforms for a look. very nice indeed.
robbie was fairly impressed to check out his personal whale

we set out for border village in slightly warmer temperatures but not too bad. after settling into the caravan park we crossed the border to check out the old telegraph station in eucla, nice to drive somewhere without the van on.

then back across the border for dinner, trying hard to use up all the salad veg on hand before we cross the border tomorrow for real. didn't do too badly, only had to throw a few things out. here he is enjoying a mango and christmas pudding, yum yum.
and now we've settled in for a movie night, having a giggle at charlie and boots.

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