Sunday, January 30, 2011

31st january 2011

goodness me what an utterly ridiculous temperature, it was so hot overnight sleep was not really on the agenda. tempers frayed a little on the journey with temperatures soaring to 42/43 for the second day in a row. aircon which really doesn't get cold is useless. it was a long hot drive to nuriootpa with the windows open, getting blown out of the car by a very hot wind. the aircon and cold shower when we got here was very welcome, thanks deb. it's supposed to cool off a little tomorrow but the aircon could still be my friend i think. a day of washing/shopping/relaxing i reckon and then we will really be on our way.

sunday 30th january 2011

hot hot hot, that's pretty much the story of today, we set off later than expected  this morning, by the time i went for a walk with cassandra for company and we had coffee and chat with everyone but hey them's the breaks. we have discovered along the way that the aircon in the discovery is absolute crap so hot it is. it has been 42/43 all the way and even now it is still high 30's. so today we drove to dimboola and are camped in a nice little rest spot just a few k's out of town very nice but a bit damp in one particular spot, yep you guessed it, we got bogged. so the winch got a workout, we couldn't winch the bus and van out together, had to drive out then winch the caravan out, nice to know the winch will do the job  when we need it to. after we got out of that we parked in a nice little spot next to a river very pleasant now the sun has gone down a bit and it has started to cool down. had a nice bit of steak and salad for dinner yummo, but i must say i wouldn't recommend freezing the tomatoes, they go a bit mushy when they thaw. no we didn't do that on purpose, most of the perishables got put in the car fridge and the tomatoes just happened to freeze, oh well once again, them's the breaks, they were still edible, just.

here is our first camp, that patch of shade was most welcome.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday 29th January 2011

Ahhh, a lovely sleep was had by me although not so much by robbie. i set off for an early walk before the weather was too hot and then spent some time with the children. around lunchtime we went to the supermarket to do the perishables shopping and then off to cassandra's to be fed a lovely lunch before enjoying a nice relaxing afternoon with the troops. we plugged in our car fridge to get cold ready for tomorrow when we start out, it's all nice and cold now and full of food ready to go. although i am enjoying our time with cassandra and co i am really looking forward to getting started tomorrow, the plan is to stay around horsham somewhere i think depending on how we go. now back to relaxing while we can

Thursday, January 27, 2011

friday 28th january 2011

woken at 5.15 by the announcement on the boat, shame i had only been asleep for about an hour and had only dozed all night. robbie had not fared any better, a tired pair we are indeed, early night tonight i think. on the up side we were off the boat almost first perhaps to make up for being almost last on. straight out to melton to drop off the caravan at the brother in law's place, relaxed with a coffee then off again to go and stay with carolyn via a visit to daniel for his birthday. back to carolyn's for a junk food lunch, nom nom, and a relaxing afternoon. that's where we are at relaxing.

27th january 2011

and so it begins..............
we set off from home at about 3pm only to realise about 5 minutes out of town that we did not have the caravan mirrors with us, oopsies, a quick call to liam fixed this little problem (thanks son) and off we went again. called in to see my wonderful sister on the way to the boat, should have stayed there longer as we arrived at the boat at about 6 all ready to load up and didn't get on until almost 9, i think there were maybe 5 cars after us, oh well. found our cabin and grabbed some dinner and a quick look at facebook then off to bed alas not to sleep much just didn't happen i'm afraid. tomorrow the adventure begins.