Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday 5th february

We set out from border village at around 9 in cool and overcast conditions yay that’s what we like, except for the cross wind which plagued us all day.
One fuel stop and one rest stop later we came across cocklebiddy and simply couldn’t resist stopping there for lunch. How could you not stop at a place with a name like cocklebiddy? We moved on fairly quickly after we ate because there actually isn’t anything at cocklebiddy other than a roadhouse. 
We stopped for fuel at Caiguna and were very surprised to see bek and timmsy’s jeep on the back of a truck, at least we think it was, took photo’s to check, i thought it was going home by train though.
 Set out again and made it to Balladonia where we are camped for the night, caravan park again. I’m tired and now need to adjust to WA time need to get to bed early tonight as we are both waking early every morning.

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