Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tuesday 8th february

i'm not sure if it was tenacity at bedclothes clinging or sheer stubbornness but i managed to stay in bed until after 6 this morning, i was however awake at 5, dozed til 5.30 and totally ignored the fact that i was awake from then til i ventured out. robbie was still sleeping which was unusual as he is usually up first, so i got to sneak around for a while, not an easy thing to accomplish in a caravan. so we got up to rain this morning, heavier than i realised as i discovered when i went for my walk and came back looking a bit like a drowned rat, still a shower fixed that then it was packing up in the rain, not too bad, certainly could have been a whole lot worse.
we ran out of water last night so refilled and thought maybe our bad tasting water problem might be over but no such luck, we are still drinking bottled water until such time as we can work it out.
off we set in the rain, nothing much happening just rain, and did i mention the rain. we arrived in hyden at about 3pm and booked into the caravan park, the plan was to free camp tonight but there were no spots hereabouts.
we went for a walk to check out the local sights starting with hippos yawn:

then onwards and upwards to wave rock, well onwards anyway. here you will see my very poor attempt at a surfing picture:

and robbie's which was no better:

looked through the museum which is situated in th caravan park grounds and found more things that mary would love, this being one:

of course robbie also refuses to take this home as well, possibly a good plan, don't want to get arrested just yet.
tomorrow we will head to perth for bek's graduation, see you tomorrow baby

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