Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday 15th February

today we decided to be tourists so off we went to king's park which was very nice but really too hot for walking around.

we had lunch at a little place there where we were joined by pigeons picking up crumbs around our feet, i didn't get a photo of them though.
after walking around for a bit in the botanic gardens we headed back to the car and drove around a bit, we found a lookout and robbie went up for a look but i couldn't bring myself to leave the air conditioning where i was just beginning to feel comfortable again.

we visited harvey norman to check out mobile air conditioning units but they were physically much too big for our needs, we bought a good fan instead for now and we may look at built in air con later, we will see how we go.
back at the caravan park we noticed one of our chairs was moved and full of water, we thought someone must have been playing silly buggers but worked out later it had been sitting in the way of a sprinkler, oopsies. we decided to get in the pool which was very nice indeed, i hope the next caravan park has one as we are moving tomorrow down to rockingham to be closer to bek and jason's new house.

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