Monday, March 28, 2011

monday 28th march

5 is not a happy number when it is followed by 2 zeros on the clock and this is the time the alarm is set for. yes i did say alarm, how rude. today was the first day of work for the old boy, so the alarm duly went off at 5 and i then proceeded to doze until about 6.30 before i got out of bed. i had a quiet, pottering sort of day, did some chores and cooked some muffins for work lunches, checked the mail next door, watched a movie. a nothing much sort of day really. i still have not recieved my police check so still waiting, waiting, waiting. robbie's day consisted of much walking so i am told. his feet are swearing at him i believe. we'll see how he pulls up in the morning when the alarm will go off again for the second day of work.

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