Monday, March 7, 2011

monday 7th march

nice lazy then touristy long weekend monday, weather nice, not too hot. lots of people packing up today and heading home so we are no longer totally surrounded by tents as we have been all weekend. maybe tonight we won't hear the snores that we were serenaded with last night. decided to visit a bird park today very nice and interesting birds, not to mention friendly (or maybe hungry):
the goldfish were huge:

and the other animals were cute too, unfortunately robbie fed all of the carrots to the donkeys leaving none for the other animals who all looked a bit sad then:

and this guy was having a bad hair day as well:

robbie found more lizards:
after a yummy afternoon tea at "nippers cafe" on site we left the birds to check out two peoples bay. we called into the visitors centre and had a lovely chat to the volunteer on duty then went for a walk down to the beach and once again robbie found a fisherman to talk to:
we took a drive around to little beach (where robbie went fishing the other day) and had a lovely walk around that beach:
yet another lovely day. think i will need to do some chores tomorrow along with some shopping.

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