Saturday, March 26, 2011

saturday 26th march

today we cruised oyster harbour and the kalgan river on the kalgan queen. i would highly recommend this activity, we had a lovely time, the tour guide was entertaining and informative. we started out by watching as he fed some giant stingrays and the pelicans:

we then boarded and set off into oyster harbour to find the sea eagles. our guide assured us that the eagles generally came to be fed but today they were not playing. it soon became apparant they had their youngster out and that was why they would not come close:

percy pelican (who is actually a girl) came back for another fish
our guide warned us to look out for a giant kingfisher as we rounded a bend in the river:
i guess a shelter built to resemble a kingfisher counts. we had the choice of wine tasting at a vineyard on the river bank or a small walk through the bush, we chose to have a walk, this was the view from the spot we walked to:

and the boat waiting for us to return:

we were then provided with morning tea of hot savoury damper with tea or coffee and i must say the damper was very nice indeed. this is what happened when a small portion was tossed over board:

the fish acting uncommonly like piranhas are actually small black bream. time now to return to the boat pens a little faster than we went out. a lazy afternoon followed and now it must be bed time zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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