Saturday, March 5, 2011

saturday 5th march

awake early today, waiting for robbie to wake up because he was going fishing, ended up being up at least half an hour before he surfaced. while he went fishing i set off for my walk in pleasant (for me) conditions.
i am liking having the walking track right on the doorstep, not only convenient but a pleasant outlook too.
walking done, chores attended to, sat down for some computer time while waiting for robbie to return.
no fish lost their lives in the making of this blog.
after a spot of lunch, obviously not fish, we decided to go for a drive and a look around. headed up to the "desert mounted corps memorial" and pulled into a lookout on the way:

a bit futher up we came to the memorial car park, i didn't count the number of steps up to the memorial but i can vouch for the fact that there is quite a few, this is the last stretch before the memorial:

we saw this little guy on the way up, he was sitting on the rock with his mate who didn't like the attention and disappeared very quickly:
the view from the top was very nice:

onward on our tourist destination quest. next stop was down along the waterfront at the "brig amity" which is part of a larger site incorperating a number of buildings:

i enjoyed going through the brig with it's interactive displays, i would recommend this activity. when we had finished on the brig we attempted to go to the prison but unfortunately it was closed, this is a photo of a portion of the wall, please note the broken glass embedded in the top, i would not like to try to get over it:
we did see a couple of other venues including a discovery centre which would be great for kids and which we also found very interesting.
it was time by now to head back to the caravan for dinner, simple yet tasty old faithful chinese garbage with enough leftovers for tomorrow. yum yum.

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  1. how do you cook your chinese cabbage?