Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tuesday 15th march

got the washing done this morning but of course i had to walk to the furthest laundry, seems like everyone was doing their washing this morning. just managed to find enough room on a clothes line to hang it out. checked out the take away at the neighbouring caravan park shop for lunch, not great take away actually but hey if you don't try you never know. then me and my pimple (it feels so big i think i will have to give it a name) set off for manual handling. met a few people, and saw a new type of slide sheet that i had never seen before which was interesting. have to go to fire training in a couple of weeks, hopefully my police check will be back by then and i will have started work. we had to pop into town to pick up a script then back home to get the clothes off the line and to cook dinner. and a good dinner it was too, steak and veg with strawberries and the last of the very expensive but extremely yummy cream for desert, mmmm mmmm. nothing planned for tomorrow at this point.

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