Friday, March 25, 2011

friday 25th march

today robbie had his induction for work next week which took about an hour and a half during which time i went shopping or browsing mostly actually. he came out with lots of paper work, a hard hat, a high vis vest, gloves, earplugs and i don't know what else then it was shopping for lunch box items and after that shopping for work boots and a thermos. we drove past the worksite he is going to be working at for a look then back to the caravan for the afternoon. we decided to cook dinner in the camp kitchen today (the tuna he scored yesterday) and wash up down there too, what a great idea except for the annoyance of carrying it all down there it was a great way to do it. going to watch a funny movie in a minutes before bed, up and at em in the morning for our river boat cruise.

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