Thursday, March 17, 2011

thursday 17th march

st. patrick's day, i wore green, did you? it rained all night, the problem with that is there is a drip just outside the window, right near my head, damned hard to sleep through. still raining this morning and robbie wanted to go for a drive so off we set to a point of the coast that was wild and woolly but there was nothing else there, shame it was lunch time by now. had a quick look at the wild and woolly coast then back up the road to try to find some food, bit hungry by now. thank heavens for wellsomething (i seriously cannot remember the name) a tiny town consisting of a school, public toilets, a shop and not much else. the shop, while not looking very inviting from the outside was clean and reasonable looking inside if one overlooked the little dog standing inside the doorway (he obviously lived there, has to be breaking health regulations), and it had the added attraction of hot food. the little dog duly overlooked and almost tripped over actually, and hot food purchased and consumed (a square pie took me back to my school days, mmmm) we set off to discover what was down cheynes beach road, surprise surprise cheynes beach was there, a tad wilder and a tad woollier than the previous piece of coastline:

robbie then discovered some obscure roads which he had to explore. heading back into albany we decided to find the caravan park which is closer to my work place with the intention of maybe moving there. caravan park found and rates approved of, one problem being they are booked out for easter so can't move there yet but intend to do so at the end of april. back to our park, we thought we had better check out the availability here for easter and guess what, they are booked out too. now we need to find another spot so we walked over to the park next door and bingo they have a spot for us and the rates are much better than what we are paying now so we have decided to move next thursday (we are paid up here until then) and stay there until the end of april. happy now we are sorted out. easy dinner of bacon, chicken burger and eggs tonight.

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