Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wednesday 2nd march

time to move on today. after getting the annex packed away yesterday pack up this morning was a breeze, we were on the road a bit before 10 (checkout was at 10 anyway so we had to get moving a bit).
the destination for today was williams, so robbie punched it into the gps and off we went, well i don't know what that gps was thinking but she wanted to take us up some nasty looking gravel roads which we didn't really want to do with the caravan in tow, consequently we ended up going in a big circle and about an hour later (good thing we weren't in any rush) we ended up slightly north and a little bit east of rockingham, not the desired outcome at all. time to turn the darn thing off and get the map book out. after checking the map book we decided to head to pinjarrah which also turned out to be a good place to stop and strech our legs, we pulled up at the visitors centre on a nice grassy spot under a shady tree, if only all rest spots could be so ideal:

and went in for a look and a chat, and what do you know got some information on things to see, the young chap in there was very helpful actually. just a 2 minute walk away was a historic house cafe/tea rooms surrounded by a museum, art gallery and craft shop. as it was getting on for lunch time we thought we would have lunch and a look around. we had a very nice lunch sitting under the shady verandah of the tea rooms:

then went for a wander through the other attractions. this restored well is outside the art gallery (formerly the first house of the original settlers, while the tea rooms is the later built homestead) and was the original well sunk for their use, as close as possible to the kitchen door for convenience:

the craft shop was a lovely little place with very pleasant people staffing it and nicely air conditioned which was appreciated as it was fairly hot by this time. the old motor musum was very interesting. mary we saw many things which you would love in your garden, here are a couple:

actually we thought you would be partial to the copper while stephen would love the old cart with the horse collars. so after i dragged robbie out of there we had a little look at the historic rose garden which was quite small and i think the heat had knocked it around a bit then back to the car time to move on.
we had an uneventful drive the rest of the way to williams, we did not turn the gps back on, and pulled up near the house of some landrover forum buddies of robbie's where we intended to stay the night.
we had a lovely evening, including dinner, with andy and deb thanks guys, and went to be way too late, hence the day late blog. albany is the next port of call. i must add, it cooled down wonderfully last night, lovely to be in bed and not be hot.

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  1. On your GPS - under settings you should be able to select "avoid unsealed roads" , or select "main roads only" - that way you won't get sent up bush tracks ... you probably have "shortest route" selected .....