Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wednesday 23rd march

imagine if you will checking the date of the fire training for your new job only to discover it was yesterday, boy was i annoyed with myself, one phone call later and it's all ok but soooo annoying. so that was my bad start to the day. we had to go into town for a few things so we decided to see if we could get a police check for robbie in the works. the first place we went was the police station but of course they don't have the forms so off to the post office we go only to find they still don't have any forms of course. the lady we spoke to today was very helpful however and actually rang a computer place for us so we could go there to fill in the form online, thanks anne. what do you know, this time it actually worked yay, the printout was dark enough for any body, back to the post office and out with the id and there you go it's on way, now we will just have to wait for another one. yep i'm still waiting for mine. after lunch we wandered up for a game of mini golf, now the first game i won 27-34 the second game robbie wone 24-28 and the third game we drew 30 all, by my reckoning that puts me  3 shots up and the overall winner however the old boy is hotly disputing my overall winner status, what do you guys think? nothing else going on today, tomorrow we have to pack up to move then set up again a bit aggravating but we can stay put at the new place til after easter.

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