Thursday, March 3, 2011

tuesday 3rd march

aaaahhhhhhh wonderful coolness, i feel positively renewed. i am sitting in albany as we speak, i have had a nice warm shower, and the temperature is 17.9, sooo nice.
we were up early and on the road before 9 this morning, we didn't even turn the gps on today just followed the maps. we drove through narrogin for a look then carried on to wagin. what a nice little town, it has a big ram:

an elderly gentleman we met up with doing the touristy thing today told us that when he was about 10 the local football team won the grand final and during their party they painted the ram's testicles bright blue, now that would have been a sight.
they also have a very interesting and enjoyable pioneer village/museum. we spent about an hour and a half there, looking at the various exhibits:

 these are just a few of them.
we moved on again and dawdled along, with a wrong turn here and there we arrived in albany at about 4.30 and did a quick set up before going for a walk along the beach. we will put the annex up tomorrow, it was too late to worry about it today.

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