Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuesday 22nd march

today we washed the car, yay such excitement, but there you go i guess it had to be done. we then thought we would get lunch from the squid shack which we have been going to try out for quite some time so we went around there only to find it's closed on tuesdays. while we were checking out the opening times we were accosted by a complete stranger who turned out to be someone from the grey nomads forum who thought he had recognised the car, and turned out to be correct, not bad for never having actually seen it.
after a quick chat with him we left him to his fishing and went to find some lunch. we ended up with pies/suasage rolls (i had steak and kidney, yummo), followed by one of the best chocolate eclairs i have ever had. the scales probably won't like me much tomorrow. after lunch we went for a drive to the salmon holes so robbie could have a bit of a fish. it was a bit more than we bargained for, just check out the steps we had to go down then of course back up again:

not sure how many there were but let me assure you there were many and they were steep. any way the steps aside it was a nice place, i had my chair and my book with me to keep me occupied while the fishing was happening, which kept me back away from the water so i stayed dry unlike others i could name:

after fishing for a while, (nothing was caught) we headed back to the car and took a drive around the area then back to the caravan for dinner and an early night i think, a bit weary here.

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