Friday, April 1, 2011

friday 1st april

yesterday while on my walk i came very close to walking on a snake!! there i was walking along minding my own business when i spied something wriggling across the path in front of me, now my brain is not attuned to snakes so by the time it translated the visual to the actual i was almost stepping on the snake. i can tell you  i did a very quick back pedal and had a few quick heart attacks in the time it took the snake to get across the path. when i finally continued on my way, slightly shaky at the knees, i was much more aware of what might be on the path in front of me.
robbie had a few days work on a building site and after many years of not having steel capped boots on his feet, his big toes are suffering, his blisters are epic.
i finally started work today after waiting 2 weeks plus for my police check, it's nice to be back, i have missed it heaps. now i just need to learn the people and get a handle on the paper work and all will be good. back tomorrow on an afternoon shift, always was my preferred shift so we will see how it goes at a new place.

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