Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tuesday 12th april

we are totally enjoying having a bit more room to spread out, it is certainly much better for getting ready for work especially when working earlies. so, finished settling in on friday including copious amounts of washing, much fun was had doing the washing and not having to poke money in the machine to make it go. also ironing on a full sized ironing board was lovely, the little one is great for travelling but give me a full sized one any day. saturday i had to work a late, the hours are from 3 til 9, so of course robbie was sitting in the carpark waiting for me just when he should have been here dealing with some customers, good job i wasn't late and work is only 5 minutes down the road, so it all worked out in the end.
we decided on sunday, after doing more copious amounts of washing, that we would go to mt. barker and visit the police station museum as the last time we were there it was not open due to only being staffed by volunteers. so we picked up some lunch at the country bakery in town and found somewhere to park and eat it before turning up at the museum. all in all the visit was disappointing. while there are many interesting exhibits to be seen, you are obliged to take an actual tour with the volunteer on duty who unlocks each room/building as you come to it and relocks it as you leave. the whole thing felt a bit rushed as the volunteer then sort of just stood around watching you as you looked at stuff, the feeling was uncomfortable. you were also not at liberty to revisit areas you had already passed through as they were relocked straight away. there were also no photos allowed inside of any of the exhibits. here are a couple of outside photos which i snapped as we were leaving:

so after that disappointment we came home to have a lazy remainder of the afternoon which we managed very well indeed.
here are some photos of the alpacas which live here at the caravan park, their names are diego and paco, neither of them have spat at me yet but they have had a spit at robbie. he is around them more as it is part of his job to feed and water them:

i am working earlies this week, supposed to be 7 - 1 each day but yesterday got changed to 7 - 3 straight away. i have to find time to look at the roster for next week to see if there are any shifts available, maybe tomorrow will be slightly less hectic and i will have time to study it.

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