Tuesday, April 5, 2011

tuesday 5th april

wow, i'm loving being back at work, after 3 piggy back shifts they pulled me off my final one to do an actual shift, so there i was on my own, well almost on my own. that's why i like working in residential care because you are never really on your own, there is always someone to call on when you need to. so i have discovered i still prefer afternoon shifts to early shifts and i have no intention testing out the night shifts. the last couple of days have been fairly hot (naturally because i have been at work) in fact today it was 34 degrees which is a bit hot for me but we have been combatting the heat by heading down to the beach after work for a swim. very nice and refreshing after a hard day at work. we are moving on thursday to albany holiday park where robbie has picked up some work as night manager with probably a bit of maintenance thrown in for good measure. the job comes with a flat so we will be moving out of the caravan for a while, it will be nice to have our own bathroom again along with a slightly bigger kitchen. i am looking forward to the change, the new place is also closer to my workplace just for another minor bonus. i will post some pics after we move in.

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