Friday, April 8, 2011

friday 8th april

we have had a couple of big days moving into the flat but i think it is all sorted now. the plan was to pack up the annex up on wednesday all ready to move on thursday so of course i got called into work. consequently the hard work was done by the time i got home. it was still hot so we went for a swim before indulging in a squid shack dinner. a cool change came through and brought some rain over night which didn't bother us but we were thankful that we didn't have to pack up the annex in it, packing up in the rain is not much fun. things went well thursday morning, we had checked out by 9.30 and we were in here by 10.00 starting to sort things out. we discovered a handy little shop across the road (general store and take away, alcohol, fuel) pretty much you name it we've got it, anyway we grabbed take away for lunch and kept going. we got a lot done in the afternoon along with a big grocery shop, now we have a bit more room to store stuff, well a lot more room actually. i had an early night because i was worn out from moving/sorting stuff then back into it this morning. so this is how my new temporary home looks:
the kitchen:
the louvre door is a pantry cupboard with lots of other cupboards as well.
the dining/lounge room:

note the built ins as well as the hutch, i have cupboards laid on. also a new television which doesn't show in the pic.
the bedroom:

yet more built ins as well as a dressing table.
the bathroom:

a huge shower as well as a bath and more cupboards under the vanity. shame about the brown tiles of the floor, brings back memories of our old place when we first moved in.
the laundry:

a washing machine and dryer that work and you guessed it more built ins on the wall you can't see.
the toilet:

yay we have one to ourselves.

verandah out the back with clothes line underneath. the van is parked in the driveway for now, it looks a little forlorn with most of the stuff removed.
so there you have it. we are settled in and enjoying having more room for a bit.

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