Monday, April 18, 2011

sunday 17th april

weekend off, so yesterday we decided we would go out for the day, after the washing was done we set out for denmark. along the way we saw a signpost for muttonbird island so we thought we would have a look and what we found was a beautiful and obviously very popular beach:

after a bit of a wander around we took off again on the road to denmark. when we arrived we visited the visitors centre (mostly for the loo) where robbie found some guys doing some wood turning to have a chat to. a fuel stop was on the cards before we went looking for somewhere to have lunch, we found a cafe which had pretty good burgers and were willing to leave bits out for me :) we also ordered a raspberry muffin each for afters which, when we got to them, were quite disappointing.
after lunch we headed back out of town and decided to go back to albany via mt. barker for no reason other than robbie likes to check out different roads. we saw this old building along the way so robbie pulled up for a photo:

a bit further along the road and we were getting views of the stirling  ranges, another photo stop was in order:

so on we went and when we got to the intersection we turned left towards the stirling ranges instead of right towards mt. barker as originally intended. robbie loves side roads so we headed up one which was signposted mt. trio and found, you guessed it, mt. trio and also a walking track which we did not tackle as it was 4 hour return and we also didn't have walking shoes on:
we moved on again and headed towards bluff knoll lookout which was well worth a look, the amenaties were also very good here:

so that was our sightseeing for the day, we ended up about 80 km from albany at the finish and spent quite some time in the car but also saw some interesting and beautiful sights. back to albany for a scratch dinner of bacon, chicken burgers, eggs and chips (very yum actually) and an early night.
sunday i cleaned the house and we popped down to the boat shed farmers market for a few veggies, we also came away with some strawberries (mmm) and had an ice cream while we were there.
we had a very quiet afternoon, robbie had a call from skillhire to go into work monday morning at the hospital site again. we had pork chops with veg for dinner followed by strawberries and cream, sooo nice.
Monday 18th april.
robbie went off to work, i pottered around for a while then rang the hairdresser in the north road shopping centre for an appointment. i walked in, it took about 45 minutes and was quite a nice walk with no real hills and the weather was good for walking. i had my hair cut so i no longer feel and look like a woolly sheep and i can once again see where i am going. i grabbed some bits for muffin cooking while i was near the supermarket and headed back here, i was back by lunch time. after lunch i cooked some muffins then cleaned up and had a quiet afternoon.

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  1. Sounds like you're both having a fantastic time. Jealous much?? Yes I am... :-)