Sunday, May 15, 2011

sunday may 15

today was the second day of a whole weekend off together, we usually only have sundays, so we set off for mount romance, one of the few spots we know of in and around albany that we haven't visited yet. now i realise you won't be able to tell by the name but it is actually a sandalwood factory and incorperates a cafe and giftshop as well. as it was right on lunch time when we arrived we decided to have a spot of lunch first. we would recommend the cafe, the meal was very nice and reasonably priced and the menu had enough variety to please most people i would think. so after a very pleasant lunch we were just in time to join the tour of the factory which was informative and enjoyable, followed by a look around the quite extensive gift shop.
we decided to go for a drive to emu point and go for a walk along the beach, and very pleasant it was, the water was beautifully calm and there were even a few hardy souls swimming:

this little dude was with us for part of our walk, i think he is a willy wagtail:
i shouted the old boy to a decadent icecream from the little cafe at emu beach:
this bigger dude sat at our feet the whole time we were eating our icecreams hoping for a taste:

i must admit i took pity on him at the end and gave him the bottom of the cone which caused a seagull riot instantly.
home to put the silverside on for dinner. when getting it out of the water later i accidently dropped it back in causing some nasty splashes of near boiling water on my person, i won't do that again in a hurrry, nothing major but definately a nuisance. washing up and ironing left to do today before work again tomorrow.

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