Monday, May 23, 2011

monday 23rd may

yesterday was our day off together so we decided to go to denmark for lunch. after looking around for somewhere to eat in denmark we finally found a cafe which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment really. robbie had the soup which he thought tasted like tinned soup with a few bits added. we both had fish and chips which were quite greasy and i had chocolate cake which was ok. after we ate we went for a walk along the river which was quite pretty:

then we decided to go for a drive to see what we could find, we headed off towards walpole until we found a road we had not yet explored and took that one. what we found at the end of the road was waterfall beach, i don't know where the name came from as we didn't see any sign of a waterfall but it was nice there and seemed to be quite popular for fishing:

next stop was madfish bay, we were quite taken with this name and had much discussion on whether the fish or the fishernmen were mad:

we then followed a signpost to elephant rocks which we thought were quite spectacular, we were very impressed with the rocks which really did look like elephants:

then we went down all these steps:

to walk between these giant rocks:

i was unwilling to get my feet wet so i went no further but waited there for robbie to return. then it was time to climb back up all those steps and head home to get ready for work today.

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