Sunday, January 30, 2011

sunday 30th january 2011

hot hot hot, that's pretty much the story of today, we set off later than expected  this morning, by the time i went for a walk with cassandra for company and we had coffee and chat with everyone but hey them's the breaks. we have discovered along the way that the aircon in the discovery is absolute crap so hot it is. it has been 42/43 all the way and even now it is still high 30's. so today we drove to dimboola and are camped in a nice little rest spot just a few k's out of town very nice but a bit damp in one particular spot, yep you guessed it, we got bogged. so the winch got a workout, we couldn't winch the bus and van out together, had to drive out then winch the caravan out, nice to know the winch will do the job  when we need it to. after we got out of that we parked in a nice little spot next to a river very pleasant now the sun has gone down a bit and it has started to cool down. had a nice bit of steak and salad for dinner yummo, but i must say i wouldn't recommend freezing the tomatoes, they go a bit mushy when they thaw. no we didn't do that on purpose, most of the perishables got put in the car fridge and the tomatoes just happened to freeze, oh well once again, them's the breaks, they were still edible, just.

here is our first camp, that patch of shade was most welcome.

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