Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday 29th January 2011

Ahhh, a lovely sleep was had by me although not so much by robbie. i set off for an early walk before the weather was too hot and then spent some time with the children. around lunchtime we went to the supermarket to do the perishables shopping and then off to cassandra's to be fed a lovely lunch before enjoying a nice relaxing afternoon with the troops. we plugged in our car fridge to get cold ready for tomorrow when we start out, it's all nice and cold now and full of food ready to go. although i am enjoying our time with cassandra and co i am really looking forward to getting started tomorrow, the plan is to stay around horsham somewhere i think depending on how we go. now back to relaxing while we can

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  1. Good to see such a conscientious start to your blogging! One post a day for 3 consecutive days!